The AD COOLER is a closed Process water cooling loop whereas the Standard Evaporative coolers are open to Atmosphere.


  • No  Water losses on the process side.
  • No oxygenation of the water resulting in high levels of Algae growth (requiring chemical dosing to control)
  • No dirty water caused by Airborne dust particles, that then foul heat exchangers and process equipment.

ADcooler Series

ADcooler is an adiabatic dry-cooler using the ambient air to cool the process water. If we take advantage of the evaporation of water resulting from the use of the adiabatic packs, we get an inlet air temperature to the exchange batteries (dry-cooler) which is much lower than the ambient one. So it happens that the ADcooler system cools the water at a temperature which is always lower than the ambient one, with no contamination or consumption of process water.

  • The best performing alternative to the cooling tower
  • No process water consumption
  • No spray water in the air stream
  • No water stagnation
  • High performance even with air temperatures above 40°C
  • Modular concept to increase cooling capacity
  • Self-draining version for operation without glycol
  • Non-corrosive structure for outdoor installation
  • Microprocessor control panel